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“Hopped up 3-piece Rock’n’Roll in the grand New York tradition!”

Catchy tunes, howling vocals, a big beat and a sweaty, live show!

Got What You Wanted

“Led by drummer/front man/wild man “Mad” Mike Czekaj, this trio boasts a profound Ramones influence evident not only in their fast, catchy one-four-five rock-candy tunes, but in their approach to their craft.”

another plucked gem

“Brooklyn’s Live Ones and the aural backhanded wallop this record delivers is the gift of rock that keeps on giving. The thing that immediately jumped into my head was an image of 1975-era Ace Frehley being a hired gun for the Flamin’ Groovies, MC5, Teenage Head, The Dogs, and that short time The Stooges existed before Iggy went solo. If this doesn’t get you up and party rocking, nothing will. Would love to hear what the Live Ones do onstage turned up to ten.”
Dale, Razorcake Magazine

classic proto-punk

“Live Ones are for those of you who cannot seem to get enough classic proto-punk, with just that touch of modern ingredients and attitude. Crank the volume up, this is a recommended slab of vinyl!”

old-school rock’n’roll

“A nice direct shot of real rock and roll. It’s refreshing to hear a band like Live Ones. These guys keep their songs simple and direct, utilizing only the essentials (guitar, bass, drums) to create a powerful wall of sound. The overall vibe is straight outta the 1970s with that big over-driven guitar and those rough gravelly vocals taking center stage. This is old school rock and roll the way it ought to be played!”